Monday, August 27, 2012

Break From You Cover Reveal

Break From You (YA contemporary)

Love shouldn't hurt this much...

Brooke Myers wants to believe she has it all: the perfect guy, the perfect relationship, the perfect life. She wants to believe it so much, she’s willing to overlook all the pain her boyfriend, Drew, has caused her and forgive him for it. She always forgives. And she loves him. She loves him so much, she has pushed away all her friends and stopped doing the things she once enjoyed. She knows it isn’t right but tells herself that love isn’t easy. Until she finds herself lost in the middle of a burning restaurant during homecoming dinner and it isn’t Drew that saves her but the new boy, Cooper West. She forms an instant bond with Cooper, one Drew wouldn’t like. With the pain of a concussion reminding her of how bad things can get, she is forced to re-evaluate the abusive relationship she has with Drew and face the ghosts that haunt her. She once believed love was all it took…but is it enough? Is it truly love when you've lost yourself in it?

Break From You will be available this fall

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Upcoming Cover Reveal

I have some exciting news!

I've been working endlessly on final edits, formatting, and cover art for my debut novel, Break From You, and I'm thrilled to announce that the cover is ready for reveal!

I'm really pleased with how it came out and look forward to sharing it with everyone!

Stay tuned!- I will be revealing the cover next Monday!

I am so excited, I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Warning Signs

...Of Dating Abuse

* Physically hurting you
* Intimidation
* Possessiveness
* Blame
* Threats
* Sexual coercion or forcing sex
* Isolating you from friends
* Explosive anger
* Extreme jealousy
* Extreme insecurity
* Making decisions/ telling you what to do
* Doesn't let you talk to opposite sex
* Threatens to hurt self
* Embarrasses you in public
* Controlling
* Uses scare tactics
* Constant "put-downs"
* Always "checking in"
* Always checking cell phone, email etc. without your permission
* Tells you what to do
* Lies
* Extreme mood swings

These are just some of the signs of an abusive relationship. If you think you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship please get help!

Brooke from Break From You, my debut novel on dating abuse, experiences some of these things. She easily shrugs them off, making excuses for her boyfriend, Drew's behavior. She wants to believe she has it all; the perfect guy, the perfect relationship, the perfect life. She wants to believe it so much she overlooks all the pain Drew causes her. She always forgives. And she loves him. Her love for him has caused her to push away her friends, and she has stopped doing the things she once enjoyed so that she can be with him. She knows it isn’t right, but she keeps telling herself that love isn’t always easy. shouldn't hurt this much.

Break From You coming soon! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Facts

...On Dating Abuse/Violence

Did you know...

*1 in 3 teens have been a victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse

*10% of teens have reported being physically hurt by their dating partner

*Teens are at a higher risk of intimate partner abuse than adults

*Over half of rape victims reported being raped before the age of 25

*Violent behavior starts between the ages of 12 and 18

*81% of parents believe that dating violence is not an issue

*Over half of parents have not talked to their kids about dating abuse

*Over 70% of 8th and 9th graders are "dating"

*Over 75% of those in an abusive relationship do not report it

*Not understanding the law and wanting to stay private are the most significant reasons young people do not seek help

Release date for Break From You, my debut young adult novel on dating abuse, will be announced soon!