Monday, October 3, 2016

Stand Up, Speak Up, Stomp Out Bullying

October brings the change of seasons, but it also brings up National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Month. School and organizations everywhere join in and raise awareness on bullying.

Did you know???

Kids stay home each day to escape bullying

During October, take the time to raise awareness and spread the word.

The month starts with Wear Blue day on October 3rd. Even if you missed it today, it's not too late to pull on a blue shirt and raise awareness.

The week of October 10th-  Make a new friend. Ask someone you don't know to sit with you at lunch or hang out after school. Be a leader and take action. Don't let isolation consume you or someone else.

The week of October 17th- Stand up for others. If you see someone being bullied, stand up and speak out. If you don't feel safe, find an adult.

The week of October 24th- Raise awareness by speaking to others, sharing stories on social media, holding a function, or many other. Creating awareness is one speak closer to ending the epidemic of bullying.

Let's stand up, speak up and stomp out bullying! Together we can all make a difference.

A great organization dedicated to prevention and awareness of bullying:

This is one of my favorites organizations dedicated to prevention and awareness on bullying. Make sure you take the time to see all they do. 

from Stand for the Silent: 

Founded in 2010, Stand for the Silent has fast become one of the leading and most effective anti-bullying organizations. Our mission is simple: bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes.

Stand For The Silent runs solely off of generous donations from those who support our mission. We could not do what we do without each and every one of your giving and caring hearts. We encourage you to get involved in SFTS, in whatever capacity you can. There is nothing too big or small. Stand with us and help us change the world!

Remember: We can each make a difference!

Join me in stomping out bullying.

Best to all,