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A Closer Look at Harley's World

Harley’s World
Harley lives in an unnamed college town north of Denver, Colorado. Although The Harley Files are a work of fiction, and names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental, Harley’s world is inspired by the beautiful northern Colorado town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Harley grew up in this unnamed town north of Denver and now attends the local university. Her parents still reside in the town, along with her aunt, Jen. Harley’s brother, Gray, lives in Denver where he is a detective. Here is some facts and fun information of the town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Town of Fort Collins, Colorado:

History and Facts: Fort Collins is a city of about 150,000 residents located in northern Colorado about 65 miles from Denver, Colorado and 45 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Fort Collins is in Larimer County, Colorado and is home to Colorado State University. Fort Collins was founded as a military outpost by the US Army in 1864. It was known as Camp Collins and is located on the Cache La Pourdre River.

Geography: Fort Collins is at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills in the northern front range of Colorado. The Great Plains of Colorado lies to the east of the city. The elevation is about 5,000 ft above sea level. Longs Peak, reaching just over 14,000 ft. above sea level can be seen clearly from the city. The Cache La Pourdre River runs through the city.

Climate: Fort Collins has a semi-arid climate with low participation and four distinct seasons. Summer ranges from mild to hot and can reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters can be mild to moderately cold. Average snowfall is about 55 inches and snow melts within a few days of falling. Colorado experiences lots of sunshine with approximately 300 plus days of sunshine a year. The average temperature is 70 degree Fahrenheit.

Culture: Most of Fort Collins’ culture is focused around the university. There is a local music circuit which is highly influenced by its college town atmosphere. Fort Collins is also home to many well-known microbreweries. The city hosts a number of festivals each year in the historic downtown area.

Major Industries: Fort Collins' economy has a mix of manufacturing and service-related businesses. Some of the largest employers include: Colorado State University, Hewlett Packard, Poudre Valley Health Systems, Budweiser and more.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Closer Look at Claustrophobia- The Harley Files

In The Harley Files, Harley suffers from claustrophobia. She embraces her quirks but struggles constantly as she tries to not only go about her daily life, but seek the truth behind unsolved mysteries. She ends up getting herself stuck in some funny and odd situations.

Let's take a closer look at



Claustrophobia is defined as the fear of being closed in without an escape, or the fear of dying in a closed space without an escape. It is typically related to, and is a symptom of, anxiety disorder.

Someone with claustrophobia is not afraid of the space itself, but afraid of what could happen should one be confined to the space.

The anxiety associated with claustrophobia can be triggered by many situations and stimuli such as small offices, elevators, crowded areas, windowless rooms and even tight clothing. Some individuals’ anxiety will be triggered even in large areas when there isn’t an obvious way to escape. Examples are large, crowded rooms, boats or cruise ships, etc.

It has been studied that around 6% of the world population is affected by severe claustrophobia but only a small percentage of these people actually seek help. The percentage of mild claustrophobia may be even higher.


Claustrophobia has two key symptoms: fear of restriction and fear of suffocation or death. The fear can lead to panic attacks. Panic attacks are defined as a sudden surge of overwhelming, acute and disabling anxiety. Some symptoms of a panic attack are: palpitations, pounding heart, sweating, trembling and shaking, shortness of breath, feelings of choking, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, fear of going crazy, and/or fear of dying.


The exact cause of claustrophobia is unknown, but there are some theories:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Phobia can all be causes of Claustrophobia.

Some believe anxiety and claustrophobia are centered around, and/or located in, the brain. The amygdala is one of the smallest structures in the brain but also one of the most powerful. The amygdala is needed for the conditioning of fear and the “fight-or-flight” response. Some believe that the phobia’s roots are in this area of the brain and are over-reactive.

There has also been a link between one’s own phobias and the phobias of their parents. This could be due to genetics and/or learned behavior.

(Resources: The Mayo Clinic, Center for Disease Control, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Claustrophobia-Google, about.com, Wikipedia, the Calm Clinic, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, WebMD, National Institute of Mental Health.)

Check out Book 1- A Spy in Me from The Harley Files


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Release Day!!!! Available Now- The Harley Files, Book 1, A Spy in Me

Book 1: A Spy in Me (Note the name change from Falling For You)

When college student Harley Jenkins finds out she’s on probation with her university for something her roommate has done, she decides to distract herself with the mysterious death of a local girl by hiding out in small spaces even though she’s claustrophobic. Will Harley be able to solve the mystery before it takes the lives of more girls, or will she be forced to focus on her own problem?

Join Harley during her freshman year as she takes on mysteries around her college town. This is Book One in a series

Available now at:


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13 Days and Counting- Meet Harley

There are 13 days left until the release of A Spy in Me, (Previously called, Falling For You,) The Harley Files, Freshman Year, Book 1!

Meet Harley Jenkins:

Harley Quinn Jenkins

Basic Statistics

Name: Harley Quinn Jenkins. Sadly, she’s not named after the motor cycle but the jester, Harley Quinn, from the Batman Comics. Her dad is obsessed with the comics.
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 3rd
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hometown:  Town in Northern Colorado
Current Residence: Town in Northern Colorado
Occupation: College Student, Freshman Year at start of story

Education: She is studying for a degree in liberal arts, with a major in political science and minors in sociology and journalism.

Hobbies: Writing, investigating journalism, hanging with friends, and anything that doesn’t have to do with fashion. She is not fashion trendy, nor does she understand all those girls who are.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Features: Curly hair that she loves to put streaks in. She changes the color all the time depending on her mood.
Tattoos: None


Birth Order: She is the youngest of two
Siblings: She has a much older brother, Grayson Wayne Jenkins. He’s 34 years old and is named after Batman himself. Much cooler than her name…she got stuck with the jester-the Joker’s girl.
Mother: Kate Rozenberg Jenkins, 54 years old. She had Gray when she was 20 years old and 36 when she had Harley.
Father: Charles “Charlie” Jenkins, 58 years old. He had Gray when he was 24 years old and 40 when he had Harley.
Extended Family: Aunt Jennifer “Jen” Rozenberg. Harley has always called her “Crazy Aunt Jen”. You’ll see why.

Life Goals: She is focusing on school. She want to be an investigative journalist and loves to get into the investigation and report what really happens. She’s contacted the well-known local PI, Ray Frankton, hoping he will help her solve some of the mysteries and puzzles she’s come across. And with his help, she’s hoping to gain experience in investigation. 

Back Story and/or other facts: She was born to older parents. They both considered her a “miracle” child, but she’s pretty sure she was just an “opps”. Harley has severe anxiety and is claustrophobic. Don’t worry, she can handle things just fine…mostly. She relies on her coping skills often. But it doesn’t matter, she’s quirky and fun, and her friends love me. At least, she hope they do because she loves them. Her family is supportive and caring. She doesn’t consider myself very popular or trendy, however, she’s not a dorky nerd either. Not really. She’s just a little crazy, though. Well, maybe more than a little. 

Release Date: May 17, 2016

The Harley Files, Freshman Year
When college student Harley Jenkins finds out she’s on probation with her university and has been demoted from local news to fashion in her school’s online paper for something her roommate has done, she decides to distract herself with various mysteries by hiding out in small spaces even though she’s claustrophobic.