Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Happening?

On my bookshelf (my current reads)-   

In my DVD player- Reruns of House and Moonlight 


On my TV-  

Bachelorette- This season is extremely boring yet I still turn it on every Monday night. Seems to me they already told us who Des chooses...??? Hmmm...I wonder where the drama is?

Under The Dome- I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but I'm not sure I'm hooked yet. 


Siberia- I've been catching this one at Love the premise of a reality show gone wrong. I am left wondering what will happen next.

America's Got Talent- I am amazed at all the talented (and not so talented) people in this world!

On my MP3- Train and a little country.

On my ring tone-  Call Me Maybe

On my computer-   

A rough draft of my latest story. I was really hoping to be much farther along by now but life and plotting issues have gotten in the way. I've been spending a lot of time re-drafting some plot points, so hopefully the story is heading in the right direction now. I was about to give up on it and start something new...but for now, I'm pushing forward. Cross your fingers. I will keep you posted.

Drafting presentations for some upcoming speeches.

Doing some photo shoots and working with photoshop.
On my calendar-  Keeping up with life, some writing time, and maybe a little play time. I can't believe how fast summer has gone. Time has definitely gotten away from me. I hope that I can spend a little time in the near future enjoying family, relaxing, and maybe  write something creative.

So...What's happening with you?