Discussion Questions for BFY

What are Brooke’s strengths? What are her weaknesses? How do her strengths and weaknesses shape her decisions throughout the story? Can you relate to Brooke? Do you agree with her decisions? Why or why not?

How does Brooke’s relationship with her mother shape who she is? Why does Brooke feel as though she needs to appear perfect and flawless?

Why does Brooke fall so deeply for Drew? What characteristics in Drew is she drawn to? How does he make her feel special?

Drew appears perfect, almost too good to be true. What are some of the early signs of abuse that Brooke overlooked? How does the abuse change throughout the story?

Why didn’t Brooke break up with Drew after the first signs of abuse? What causes her to stay with him, even when it gets bad?

Describe Drew and his behavior. Do you feel sorry for him? Why or why not? Do you think he can change?

How are Drew and Cooper different? Cooper has gotten in some major trouble, how is this different than the trouble Drew has gotten into? How do Drew and Cooper react to their mistakes?

Cooper is struggling with his own past and ghosts throughout the story. How does his past shape who he is? Why is he so determined to help Brooke and be her friend?

After a day at the pool, Drew picks a seeded dandelion and blows, making a wish. What is the significance of the wish? Why didn’t Brooke want him to tell her his wish? In what ways did Drew’s wish come true? In what ways did it not come true?

How does Brook Change throughout the story? What causes her to change?

Brooke stopped talking to her friends after she started dating Drew. What caused this to happen? How is this different than normal “friendship ditching” at the beginning of new relationships?

Have you ever been in any type of abusive relationship or known someone who has? What are the signs? How can you get help?