Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome...Susan Oloier

I am amazed by all the wonderful people I have met along my path to publishing, both in person or on-line. They have been there to help answer questions, read my work, provide critique, give encouragement, and just be there when I need them.

One of those amazing, wonderful people is Susan Oloier. She is extremely talented and very inspirational. And I love her writing!

Susan is the author of 3 amazing, must-read books: Superstitions, Fractured, and My Life as a Misfit

I just finished Superstitions this weekend. I couldn't put it down, and I didn't want it to end. I fell in love with her characters and related to their struggles. I also fell in love with the landscape of the Arizona mountain/desert and enjoyed how she pulled them and their legends into her book as its own character. I laughed and cried with Ellie (the main character) the whole way through the story.

In both Fractured and Superstitions, Susan's characters are well developed and emotionally deep, her story lines are engaging and realistic. I highly recommend reading her books!


Ellie’s mother walked out on her a few years ago, and she refuses to believe her mom won’t come back. To make matters worse, her dad is marrying another woman and her best friend Kyle dumped her for cheerleader Tiffany Sheldon. But when Ellie meets quirky Alexander and learns about his map, his quest, and his background, she finally discovers a way to heal.

Available in ebook at Amazon and Smashwords for $3.99

Also available in paperback through Amazon Create Space.


When Anna Kincaid has a miscarriage, her world comes crashing to a halt. Grief overwhelms her life and she combats it with prescription medication. Her husband Lloyd does not see the event as tragic. In fact, not ready to be a father, he is relieved at the news. This creates a chasm in their marriage and splits them apart. Both Anna and Lloyd find themselves moving in different directions. Anna finds hope in a young, male colleague named Ben and comfort in her narcotics. Lloyd loses himself in work. Will their marriage survive the miscarriage, or will it always remain fractured?  

Purchase ebook at Amazon and Smashwords. Also available at Amazon UK.
Trade paperback can be purchased through Amazon.

My Life as a Misfit

It isn’t easy being the last remaining person at the dinner table or being forced to square dance with a group of sweaty seventh graders in a school cafeteria. My Life as a Misfit recounts growing up in the 1980s from a humorous and less-than-popular perspective with such stories as "Do-Si-Don’t", "Riding a Permanent Wave", "Baseball", and "The Food Critic".
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