Monday, August 8, 2016

Gone Hiking...Be Back Soon

It was time to hang up one of those "Gone (Something)" signs and take a break. A much needed break. When the kids are home for summer everything gets thrown off, including my writing, blogging, social networking, and etc. The schedule is no longer. 

So what to do when you can't beat them? Join them, of course. And that is just what I did. But don't get me wrong...the writing, plotting, and inspiring never stopped. I just disappeared for a bit online. 

And this is what my inspiring journey took me on...
(I took a bunch of selfies to share with you.)

Hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors:


Enjoying the Colorado rivers:

Hiking in Grand Junction at the National Monument:


Atop a 14er:


Rafting the Colorado River:

And now I'm back...with exciting things to come. I have loads of exciting guest posts and author's new releases coming this month. I'm also gearing up for guest speaking events. And look out for my new releases...a non-fiction, Harley book two is in the works, and keep an eye out for my next full length novel- a new historical fiction.

How are things are your end?

Best to all,

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