Friday, September 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Summer

So Labor Day is here. Officially it is a holiday in which we celebrate the dedication of social and economic advancements of the American worker. Unofficially, though, it is the end of summer. I know, I know, summer doesn't really end until September 22 when the fall solstice comes upon us. However, by Labor Day all the local pools shut down, our summer camping gear gets packed up, the RVs return to their storage lot, the days are shorter and cooler, and almost all kids have returned to school.

Don't get me wrong, I like fall--I like fall a lot. Especially in Colorado. The leaves turn a beautiful shade of yellow, orange, and red. The air gets crisp and cool. And most of all, things start to die off and my allergies calm down a bit. (I'm actually looking forward to that this year...what a season and the first freeze really helps with that. It also helps kill all the bugs...which is nice) Regardless of how much I love the fall, I always feel sad when this time of year comes. I love summer, and I mean LOVE summer.

Summer brings warmth and longer days. And I like to fill those days with fun outdoor activities. I know that in Colorado you can be outdoors almost all year long, but there is something about being able to just sit outside and not have to bundle up. In summer, there are concerts at the park, picnics, swimming, neighborhood parties. (Where in the winter, everyone snuggles up inside their own homes on those long, dark evening.) I love hanging out back and having a fire and roasting marshmallows with my family. And I love to hike. I hike in the winter, but in the summer I don't have to worry about how many layers to wear...a pair of shorts and a tee works just fine. And of course, I love to take the top of my jeep and go for mountain drives.

Summer makes me happy. 

So here we are...Labor Day has come around and I have must say goodbye to my favorite season and all the fun things I love to do during hiking, rafting, swimming, biking, etc. And I have to put the top back on the jeep...bummer.

I'll embrace the upcoming seasons...I always do. But for now--Goodbye Summer! I'll miss ya until next year.

Happy Labor Day to all. Enjoy your weekend! 

Best to you all,


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