Thursday, February 16, 2012

Date Night and a Valentine

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day!

My top six favorite things to do on a date (with my husband and kids) are:

 6.  Bowling (only because I love to goof around, dance to the loud pop music, and watch my kids have fun. I actually hate to bowl-oh well...)
5. Going to the movies (Even if it isn't the movie on the top of my list. My family loves the action films, where I want to see all the movies that were adapted from a novel)
4. Playing games (Mostly old fashion board games, such as Life, Sequence, or Sorry. Sometimes we will play the Wii.)
3. A long hike or bike ride (Then going for frozen yogurt at my favorite local self-serve yogurt shop)
2. Dinner and a movie in (Cuddled up in my pajamas with a huge bowl of gluten-free buttered popcorn)
1. Going to the neighborhood pool (Which, of course, I can not do in the middle of February in Colorado. But I guarantee I will be there every evening in the summer)

I love flowers, any flower, but my favorite is a daisy. Mix them with some roses and I'm happy! And as for Valentine's, make mine as mushy as you can! I love sentimental sayings that (I hope) come from the heart! Go deep and tell me what you feel!

What are favorite things to do? Dinner and a movie, dessert and coffee, being with friends? What is your favorite Valentine? A single red rose, a singing telegram, or a simple card saying "Be mine"?

Regardless of what your favorite things are, remember to be safe. Love should be fun. It shouldn't hurt. You have rights! Learn your rights and take the pledge today!

Are you still wearing your heart on your sleeve?

I am!
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