Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Feelings of Snow

The storm came without warning. They predicted only an inch or two.
But can we really predict what the day will bring?

As the snow covers the dormant ground, I look around. Everyone is indoors, under warm wool blankets. The animals are hunkered down in their winter homes. The birds haven't left their spots deep in the trees since last night. There aren't any children out playing, not a single dog out rummaging.

The world has stopped.

I entered the church and silence remains. The loss is evident. How can someone explain the death of someone so young. Her children hover near her, one last time. Her husband speaks words of love, grief, fear. Tears flow freely.

The snow stops falling...the sun comes out, if only for a little bit. As the light streams through the stain glass windows, the family says their final farewells. Everyone says goodbye.

Today's weather went with the loss of a community member. The snow provided solitude, even while gathering with others. It was a chance to let go, alone.

I feel as though the world stands still when the snow is falling, that life is put on hold for a little while. Nothing moves as every being waits out the storm.That feeling overcame me today as I sat, listening to words of love and loss.

I often use weather like this snow storm to provide additional feelings in my stories or to increase the ones I've already created. The weather around us adds to our emotions and sometimes we don't even realize it. A storm can signify so much. Today it brought peace and solitude, a pause in busy life so that we had the opportunity to stop and remember.

As the snow falls on and off today, I ponder the feelings the snow has created...and wonder what tomorrow may bring.Tomorrow's a new day; the sun is supposed to shine, but today it's snowing; the world has stopped, and I need to say goodbye.

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