Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 3 of the Speak Out Against Tour

Today we are over at The Frog and the Princess with Samantha Verant.

Samantha Verant is speaking out with us against bullying and dating abuse. The statistics are shocking. The consequences are grave. Samantha gives us a look into bullying and teen dating abuse and shares with us the story of Amanda Todd.

Make sure you head over to Samantha's site and join her in speaking out against teen violence.

Speak Out  YA Book Tour

Thank you Samantha for hosting us and for speaking out against bullying and teen dating abuse! 

About Samantha-  Self-proclaimed princess. Love adventuress. Aspiring authoress. Super-powered step-mom. Mildly neurotic, but not dangerous. Unless you touch my frog. Wait. That sounds weird. If I haven't scared you off... stick around! There's something for everybody!

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