Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little Country

As the Country Music Awards come to a close and Blake Shelton's name is announce once again, the music for Footloose plays in the background. 

And I am reminded of the power of music. 

Music can heal, excite, rejoice, energize. Music awakes all kinds of emotions in people.Blake Shelton demonstrated this when he shared honors with his wife, Miranda Lambert for their song "Over You". Bringing his wife to tears, he explains how he wrote the song for his dad about the lose of his brother.

Music also plays a part in Break From You. I can hear Footloose playing as Brooke and her friends enjoy a night out attempting to line dance at the local dude ranch. And Brooke's dream is to be a singer/songwriter. She loves to play her guitar, and throughout Break From You, she shares her emotional journey with us through the words of a song.

I can not break from you
I can not let you go
I've learned to hold too tight
I can not win this fight

I can not win this fight

Your love won't fill me up
I always knew
In an endless massive space
I will fear you

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