Monday, June 24, 2013

There Should Be a Rule

I really think there should be a rule against getting sick in the just shouldn't happen! I spent all of last week laid up on my couch with a low grade fever. And the heat wasn't helping me any. It was nearly 90 degrees most of the week.

The good thing about being sick and stuck on the couch? I had every excuse to catch up on movie watching. I rented a bunch of movies and curled up with a pillow and lots of coconut water.

 I enjoyed this movie but didn't love it. I thought the premise was great and enjoyed the acting, yet I thought something was missing. I don't think things were clear and the story got boring at times. But...I really loved the ending. And in the end, I was glad I watched it.

Because I loved the premise of the movie, I decided to pick up the book. I felt it was much better...and not just because it's a book. I have liked the movie over the book many, many times. But this was a case where the book was just better. I liked the voice, and once again, I really loved the ending.

 I though I'd pick this movie up and see what it was all about. I was glad I did. It was very enjoyable. I easily get sucked into sweet love stories with a little magic.

I enjoyed the movie, so I decided to pick up the book. I am reading it now. I will let you know what I think.

 I am not a huge Zombie fan...not really...although I love the Walking Dead (Both the graphic novels and the AMC show) But I thought this would be an interesting twist on the Zombie apocalypse, and I was right. It was enjoyable, and crazy enough, I cared for R immediately. The story was a very fun look on the overwritten zombie theme.

 I liked R as a character and am curious how Issac Marion wrote him in the novel. I am planning on picking up this book next. I love that it all started with a short story on his website. Great story in itself!

I watched this movie last last hurrah before I need to re-focus myself and get back to work. This was interesting...I enjoyed it.

I saw a few other movies...but nothing to write home about!

If you get a chance to relax, watch a movie! But please don't get sick...having a cold and fever in the summer time is miserable. It really should be a rule that you can't get sick in the summer!!!

Stay healthy and Enjoy-

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