Friday, February 5, 2016


You've heard it over and over...

Love has no boundaries

But it should and it does.

Love = Boundaries

And a healthy relationship includes setting boundaries.

Talking about your boundaries with your partner is a great way to make sure your needs are met and you feel safe and secure.

Things to keep in mind are:

1. Emotional- when to say the "l" word (I love you), space apart, time together, time with other friends, time for hobbies and sports, what to share, when to share

2. Physical- knowing how to take your time, knowing how far to go, understanding that sex isn't currency and you don't "owe" your partner anything, setting limits

3. Digital- this is a big one in today's digital world and the digital generation. It's important to have boundaries with checking in, posting relationship status, tagging partner in photos, sharing pictures, following friends, when to text and when to return text, using each other devices, post, tweet, comment about relationship, posting pictures.

Boundaries are unique and different for everyone. It is so important to communicate with your partner what your boundaries are and what you are comfortable with. He/she can't read your mind- speak up.

What boundaries are important to you?

Best to all,

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