Thursday, March 17, 2016

Encouraging Your Tweens and Teens to Keep Reading

March is National Reading Month and it is a great time to encourage kids to read. But sometimes it is easier to get younger kids to read than it is to get tweens and teens to read. Especially the boys.

There are many reasons why teens stop reading. It can be because they don't have enough time with sports, extracurricular activities, friends, homework, etc. Maybe they think they will look like a nerd to others. A lot of time boys stop reading because they are left with a lot of girly topics. 

But there are some things we can do to encourage increased reading among teens: 

* Make a book list
* Recommend titles that are about 'real' situations
* Take them to book signings
* Attend book release parties
* Find out what their friends are reading
*Check out the upcoming movies made from best selling novels and read those before going to see the movie
* Carve out some time for the whole family to sit around and read together
* Check out the local library for teen events
* Join a teen/parent book club
* Encourage your teen to join a book club

Some teens have always loved to read and never give it up. But others find that life will get busy leaving them with little time to open a book. And many boys struggled to enjoy reading when they were young and now dread it as a teen. 

But encouraging your teen to read is important to their future and growth. Reading increases test scores and those who stopped reading are at risk for decreased scores and assignments later in college. 

What are some ways you encourage your teen to read? What are some of the reasons that kept you reading throughout your teen years?

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