Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Taking a Walk

The worst part about writing is staring at an empty page with the cursor blinking back at you. The words swimming around in your head, making little sense at all. Nothing stringing together to make even one coherent sentence. 

Nothing but blankness...empty...void of words.

So, what to do?


I say- go for a walk!

A walk- not a run, not a bike ride- a walk! 

Walking is known to increase circulation and provide more oxygen and glucose to our brains. Running, biking, and other aerobic exercise tends to take all that oxygen and glucose to the other muscles.  

A long walk and increased circulation to the cerebral hemisphere can improve concentration, creativity, the list goes on…

Walking is also known to decrease depression and anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking releases “feel-good” chemicals, reduces the immune system chemicals that worsen how one feels, and increases temperature. 

Walking gives you a sense of self-worth, power, and control and promotes feeling of happiness.

Overall- walking is just plain good for everything! 

A walk typically helps me solve my latest plot hole, increases ideas for the story and all my characters. I think if I just keep on walking, I might be able to finish the whole novel- problem is? I can’t walk and type at the same time. At some point, I have to return home and write all the thoughts that are filling up my brain.

So if you’re stuck, feeling down, angry, confused- whatever- get up and go for a walk! I'll join you!!!

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