Monday, April 16, 2012

Have You Seen 'Bully' Yet?

The documentary 'Bully' opened on April 13, 2012 in 72 theaters in over 25 cities, and that wasn't enough. This powerful and influential film is a definite must see for all ages, everywhere. Parents, students, educators...everyone should be lining up to view it.

My fear? With a topic so incredibly tough and heart wrenching, people will want to pass it by or not take their kids because it's too hard to talk about.

'Bully' is tear-jerking, painful, and shocking. The film is hard to watch. No one wants to think that this is going on around them.

But sadly, it is.

Bullying is happening every day, in every city, in every school. And it doesn't stop there, not with the internet and cell phones.

According to The Bully Project website, over 13 million kids will be bullied this year in the U.S. (

That's a problem!

The documentary 'Bully' follows three amazing young teens through the course of their 2009-10 school year, and two resilient families fight for awareness after the loss of their sons to suicide. The intense bullying that these young people endured each and every day is not only painful but harsh and disturbing. Many superiors stood by, refusing to acknowledge that there was a problem with bullying in their schools. Principals failed to intervene time and time again. In fact, the bullying becomes so bad during the filming that filmmakers fear for one of the boy’s safety and end up showing the footage to his parents and administrators.

The documentary was beautifully done. It dug deep and showed the horrifying results of bullying. I cried through the entire film and sadly forgot my box of tissues. The film ends in with a positive note, bringing everyone together to fight and take a stand. The message- Stand for the Silent.

Some critics argue that the film presented the problem but fails to go into the root causes of bullying or offer any true solutions. My response- we have to admit there is a problem before we can find a solution. That is what the film does; It shows us that there is clearly a huge problem with bullying.

Bullying is hurtful. It isn't conflict between two individuals on equal ground; It's harassment. It's one person taking advantage of their power to destroy and control someone who is weaker. Bullying causes damage. No one deserves to be treated with such extreme. No one should have to go to school and face intense pain every day. Our schools should be a safe place.

Please take the first step and see the film. Admit that we have a problem with bullying.

Check out- "There mission is simple- End bullying. Saves lives." "Make a difference, join the movement."

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