Monday, October 22, 2012

Exciting Announcements

November is almost here! And with it brings exciting and fun things!


The amazing and talented Susan Oloier and I have started a new blog called Moxie Writers, a reader-centered blog for Indie-published works. It will offer everything needed to feed your inner reader: activities, memes, interviews, and giveaways—to name a few. Each post will remain relevant to our latest releases.
Speaking of releases, November brings the release of Break from You and Outcast, two YA contemporary novels with tough, but socially relevant issues. As part of the launch for the books, Susan and I are planning a blog tour, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. We hope to bring awareness to the issues of teen dating violence (Break from You) and bullying (Outcast). If you’re interested in hosting us and helping to speak out about these topics, there’s a linky below. The blog tour will happen from mid- to end November. Sign up, and leave the work and planning to us. 

Outcast, by Susan Oloier, delves into the world of bullying.

Always the compliant, Catholic school girl, Noelle grows tired of people’s hypocrisy. Her pious mother belittles her, and the popular group at school bullies her. With the help of her black-sheep aunt and a defiant, new classmate, Noelle seeks revenge. But vengeance comes with a price: Noelle risks friendship, her first love, and herself to get back at those who have wronged her.
Break from You by me, is a novel about teen dating violence.

Brooke Myers wants to believe she has it all: the perfect guy, the perfect relationship, the perfect life. She wants to believe it so much that she's willing to overlook the fear, the isolation, and the pain her boyfriend has caused her. She knows it isn't right but tells herself that love isn't always easy. However, when a fire destroys the restaurant during homecoming dinner, she forms an instant bond with the boy who saves her, one her boyfriend wouldn’t like. With the pain of a concussion reminding her of how bad things can get, she is forced to re-evaluate the relationship she has with her boyfriend and face the ghosts that haunt her. Brooke once believed love was all it took…but is it enough? Is it truly love when you've lost yourself in it?

If you'd like to help with the blog tour and bring awareness to teen dating violence and bullying, please sign up using the linky tool below. We truly appreciate all of you! And don't forget to visit our new blog, Moxie Writers.

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