Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Cliche- an expression, idea, or element that has been overused to a point of losing meaning.

We all know that using cliches are bad. They're boring. They' goes...wait for it...overused.

Cut all cliches. Edit them out. Get rid of them.

Here are some cliches:
- sands of time
- selling like hotcakes
- in the same boat
- paying the piper
- jump-start
- lap of luxury
- over the top
- cut to the chase
- chomping at the bit
- work in progress
- only one thing is certain
- whirlwind tour
- fell on deaf ears

Once a month I meet up with a bunch of published and aspiring authors for a writer's circle at our local library. We come together to share ideas, read each others writing samples, express thoughts, and sometimes we even do a writing prompt or two.

Tonight was our monthly meeting. It was a much needed break from all the crazy summer swim team stuff I've been involved with this last month. It was great to spend a few hours with fellow writers and be creative.

After gathering and catching up, we did an activity where we picked a couple of pieces of paper out of a bowl. Written on the paper were cliches. We were instructed to write them into a short story/flash fiction piece. After writing for about ten minutes, we shared our stories...and a lot of laughs!

I chose three from the bowl at random. Here is my short story/flash fiction:

It was a whirlwind tour. The tickets were selling like hotcakes, and I couldn't pass them up. I bought two, one for me and one for him. We left early, and I loved every moment of it. We saw everything in all the cities we visited. I wanted to do it all: the museums, the art galleries, the parks. The trip was everything I needed to jump-start my new life. -RGG

Bet you can't find the cliches I used...??  Haha!

Here is what one of my critique partners, Patrick Dawson, wrote after drawing three cliches at random:

One thing is certain in today's economy, the sands of time will never place us in the lap of luxury. -Patrick Dawson

Everyone's story brought smiles and lots of laughs. We had a great time. If you get a chance, pick a few of the cliches from above and write your own. Add your story piece to the comments. I can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Patrick Dawson is the author of Lessons in the Journey. You can find him at his website or on goodreads

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