Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love hanging with friends, family, and neighbors, BBQing, talking, and watching fireworks. Sometimes we take a trip to the mountains to camp, sometimes we head to the local firework show, other times we sweat it out at the pool.

Regardless of what we do, I always have fun. It's one of those special days that is always low key. You get the day off from work, but you don't have to stress that the meal is just right, or the gifts are wrapped under the tree, or that everyone arrives safely.

This year, sadly, we will miss the firework show...and camping isn't a huge appeal...Fires are raging across the state of Colorado. It is documented as one of the worst fire seasons on record. There are five major fires still not contained at the time of this writing causing major evacuations and threatening homes. They are the Lightener Fire west of Durango, the Little Sand Fire northwest of Pagosa Springs, the Pine Ridge fire outside of Grand Junction, and the Waldo Canyon fire outside of Manitou Springs in El Paso Co. There are also ten inactive/fully contained fires (Button Rock Fire, Eby Creek Fire, Flagstaff Fire, Hewlett Gulch Fire, High Park Fire, Lower North Fork Fire, Springer Fire, Sunrise Mine Fire, Treasure Fire, Woodland Heights Fire)

The ground is dry, grass is beyond dead, trees are brown and brittle...all of this is great fuel. And when lightening strikes, a camp fire is left unattended, or fireworks get out of control the dry, dead, brittle fuel goes up in flames.

The signs of the fire are everywhere. We have a beautiful view of the mountains and the city...that is when smoke isn't so thick in the air we can barely see for yards...let alone miles...

I worry about my parents and all my friends who have homes near areas that are burning or could possibly burn. I am grateful for the forecast of rain...but hope that the lightening stays to a minimum. They are calling for lots of rain this weekend and we need it!

But for now- it is still dry and I hope everyone stays safe this holiday by enjoying other activities besides fireworks and camp fires, such as pool parties, block parties, and parades. My friends are putting on a block Olympic theme party with face painting, "Minute to Win It" activities, temporary tattoo station, hair spray paint station, etc. I know I will have fun even without the fireworks...but whatever you do, have a great time and make sure you...

Stay safe...!

Happy 4th of July!

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