Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years and All the Resolutions

Did you know that approximately 45% of people make New Years resolutions?

Top resolutions people make
* Eat better/lose weight
* Quit drinking/smoking
* Better job/better education
* Save money/get out of debt
* Help others/volunteer
* Improve self
* Get along better with others/make new friends
* Go on a trip
* Spend more time with family
* Learn something new/experience new culture
* Get organized

Did you know that only 8% of those people are actually successful in achieving them?

Some of the top reasons people break New Years resolutions:
 *Setting too high of goals
 *Didn't make plans
 *Don't have a support system
 *Not accountable to anyone
 *Wasn't important enough in the first place

Although most people break their New Years resolutions, research shows that making them is very useful and very important.

 Tips to be successful in keeping New Years resolutions.
 *Set reachable goals
 *Get a support system and have someone to be accountable to
 *Make sure goals are important
 *Set specific (not broad) goals (ie- 1 pound per week instead of just "lose weight")
 *Make plans

Some great goals for writers:
 *Make time to write (will write 1 hour per day...or will write 1,000 words a day...etc.)
 *Find your voice (will write without inner editor)
 *Edit more (will edit one chapter a day...will edit 500 words a day..etc.)
 *Explore and expand (will write something each day outside of comfort zone...)
 *Call self a writer! (will tell one person a week...)

Some great goals for self-publishing
 *Think of the "Who"/the reader (will define who the readers are and what they want...will learn one marketing skill to market towards readers each day/week/month...etc.)
 *Market well on Amazon (will learn one new marketing strategy per week...etc.)
 *Learn great cover art and editing (will learn one skill per week with editing and marketing...etc.)
 *Make writer friends (will follow one new person per day/week and comment...etc.)
 *Market local as well as on-line (will talk to local library/bookstore/etc...)
 *Write more (will write 1,000 words per day...etc.)

Remember to make goals specific and well-defined to be successful. Find a support system and someone to be accountable to.

What are you goals for 2013? Are you ready to reach your goals?

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