Monday, March 25, 2013

My So-Called Teenage Life

Today I'm in joining in on the 2nd annual My So-Called Teenage Life blog hop hosted by

The rules:
Step One: Sign up
Step Two: Dust off those old sappy diaries bursting with teenage angst or high school notebooks filled with bad poetry*
Step Three: Skim through them until you find something share-worthy
Step Four: On Monday, March 25 POST IT on your blog
Optional: We love seeing old photos, so if you have one lying around of you as a teen, post that, too. 
(*Didn't write in a journal or compose poetry as a teenager? Have no fear! Counterfeit entries are welcome. Pretend you're a teenager and write whatever you feel. Just make sure you're using your teenage voice. And if you're still a teenager, hey, you're going to basically rock this blog hop.) 
So here goes!

I wrote regularly in a diary growing up, and although I continued to journal throughout high school, I spent a lot of time writing poetry in those teenage years. I was very dramatic, emotional, mostly positive, and sometimes dark and edgy. Here is one of those (more positive) poems...

To Live

To whisper is to dream,
To hear is to realize,
And to feel it all is to believe.

A flower comes into a hazy world.
It comes in without hesitating.

With each petal it feels sure and confident
as if it can handle anything.

And each storm blows in.
And each rain drop falls.

It may lose a petal here or there,
Or it may tear a leaf.

But it stays strong,
And holds itself up with all the strength it feels.

And the flower makes it through,
Not knowing what each day brings,
Or if a storm in the future will make it fall.

The flower keeps its strongest feelings,
And all its dreams held close

Because to feel it all is believe,
And to believe is to live.
Love, Forever Always, Rebecca Green (1992)

Did you write in a diary/journal, or some poetry during your teenage years? 

Hope you enjoyed!
This is a blog hop, so make sure you take some time and check out the other bloggers joining in on the fun!
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