Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Torri Melhart

Meet Torri Melhart, a 14-year-old Country singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. Her voice is honest, vulnerable, and fresh. She cares deeply about others and the issues facing them today. Her debut video, "Letting Go", released in early March, was written/made by Torri and addresses the issue of bullying. Her beautiful music and heartfelt words are set to images that involve bullying. From her website, she states "The video is meant to bring focus to the powerless feeling of being bullied, the sadness that those who are being bullied must endure every single day, and the hope that endures that someday we can put an end to bullying in all forms, forever."

I connected with Torri one evening on Twitter. (Gotta love social media!) And immediately loved her youthful voice, sweet demeanor, and desire to raise awareness on bullying through her music. Her song, Letting Go is amazing and I had to share it with all of you! (I can't believe she is only 14- wow!)

Here is Torri's debut single, Letting Go

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