Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Do I Make Tiime to Write?

I ask myself that question everyday. There are never enough hours in the day...not to get everything done that needs to be done and still have time to write.

I fill up my day as a mom, a wife, a volunteer, a leader, a teacher, and of course a writer. But finding time to write can be a challenge, especially when you are pulled in what seems like other more urgent directions. But somehow I always find the time...and I tend to find it in the most unexpected places.

Here are my top 5 times and places to write:

1. Poolside at swim practices. It is a perfect place to open up my computer and tap away. (or edit my book, or work on cover art, or plot my next story, etc.)

2. Driving from place to place. (Don't worry, I don't actually write while driving, but I plot and brainstorm ideas. I have solved many story problems behind the wheel.)

3. Carpool lanes.

4. During breakfast. Most days, I set an hour aside in the morning while I eat breakfast to network and write.

5. Between 10PM and Midnight when everyone else is asleep. The house, phone, email, and neighborhood is quiet and still. I also use this time to wash dishes and catch up on my favorite TV programs.

Time never stops (or even slows) to give us a break, so how do you keep up with everything and still find time the other stuff?
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