Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lemonade for Charity

I was at my good friends house the other day when our kids came up to us and said they wanted to do a lemonade stand for charity. The charity they picked was the Father Ed Judy House.

I have blogged about the Father Ed Judy House before. Helping a Local Charity

The Father Ed Judy House is a semi-transitional housing program designed to help homeless women with children , the majority of which are survivors of domestic violence, find stable housing.

I couldn't believe how excited the kids were. Donned with neon signs, half a gallon of lemonade, and cupcakes already melting in the Colorado sun, they headed for the curb. Within an hour, they raised nearly 10 dollars, enough money to buy a couple of gift cards that are on the Father Ed Judy House's wish list.

Like many charities, the Father Ed Judy House has been affected by the tightening of state budgets, and the hospital that provided meals for the Father Ed Judy House had to triple their prices. The Father Ed Judy House can no longer afford these meals and many other items that they provide to help the women, therefore they are reaching out to the community for help.

For the past couple of month, my friend has been organizing dinners for the shelter. With the help of neighbors and friends, she has been able to provide special meals for the women and their children.

I am inspired by those around me who have stepped forward to do something for someone in need. I love to see people come together to support others especially when it is in the form of neon signs and lemonade!

For more information on the Father Ed Judy House please visit their website at http://fejh.wordpress.com/
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