Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Dad

In honor of father's day

My dad has always been a very powerful person. Growing up, my friends were weary of him, my boyfriends downright scared. But for my sister and me, he is our hero.  

We are daddy's little girls.

My dad is and has always been dedicated to his family. One, of many things that he has taught me in life, is how important family is. No matter how crazy things get, he makes sure to leave time for us. He supports us in all we do. He is there for us when we need him.

He does it simple because we mean that much to him, and he makes sure we know that.

He makes sure we know that no matter what, he will be there for us.

I can call him for advice. (I even listen to it.) He let me turn to him when I need help, lean on him when I need support. He's there for a hug, a smile, the tears.

My dad is an amazing person. I am proud that he is my dad. And I highly respect him. He has taught me many things over the years, and I know I will never stop learning from him.

I thank him for being my dad and for all the things he has done and continues to do for me and my family. My words cannot express how much he means to me.

I love you, Dad. Thank you for being you!

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