Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Star Struck

Inspiration, motivation, and the will to win!

The kid's swim team came together Monday morning for a pancake breakfast to send one of their teammates off to the Olympic trials in style.

A crowd donned with American flags, a bus taped up with a handmade banner, swimmers wearing patriotic and team spirit clothing, smiles and cheers filling the swimming pool as everyone wishes good luck.

It was an amazing scene!

I was inspired by not only the teen's accomplishments, but by his humble attitude. He was grateful for all the well wishes and wore a smile that reach from ear to ear. I was also touched by how proud the swim team was of him. It was refreshing, and reminded me of how great people can be.

It brought tears to my eyes.

People like this are my true inspiration in life. Those who work hard for what they want, always try their best to become better, never blame others for their failures, continue forward even when others tell them they can't, work harder, do more, strive to be their best.

It reminds me that if I work hard enough, set some goals, learn from my failures, never blame others, never let other people bring me down and tell me I can't do it, and truly be the best that I can be, then I can succeed in anything. The sky's the limit and there is no stopping me. 

And there should not be anything stopping you! Don't let anyone keep you from your dreams, your goals, your life. Set your goals and plan on reaching them!

A goal was set almost four years ago. By staying positive, working harder, and swimming faster, a young man was able to reach his goal and is now on his way to the Olympic trials.

I wish him all the luck!

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