Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Speaking Out Against with Brooke and Noelle

The Speak Out Against tour continues over at Michael Di Gesu's site.
Michael is hosting an interview with the characters from Outcast and Break From You. Join Noelle (from Outcast) and Brooke (from Break From You) as they interview each other, asking and answering questions on dating abuse and bullying.

And Michael is having a giveaway!

Stand up and speak out against bullying and teen dating abuse.

Thank you, Michael for hosting the tour!

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Michael Di Gesu- After fifteen years of modeling in New York, I spent the past eight years as an interior designer in Chicago. I decided to take my creative talents and write/illustrate my first m/g novel, Amber and the Whispering Willows. A year later, I wrote The Blinded Gardener, an edgy y/a contemporary. I've been editing for the past six months and I am in the process of querying. I never knew how wonderful it could be to write novels ... I'm addicted.

PS- don't forget about Moxie Writers' giveaway...only a few more days left to sign up and win copies of Outcast, Break From You, and Speak Out Against bookmarks.

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