Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N-Nicotine Abuse and Characters From YA Books

icotine Abuse 

10-15% of high school students smoke and around 5% use smokeless tobacco regards of the health risks and complications. Teens start using tobacco for many reasons, including peer pressure. Quitting is hard.

Here are some characters in YA books that are known for smoking...

Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska by John Green is a literate, articulate, and beautiful girl who is reckless and adventurous. She teaches Miles to drink, smoke, and plot elaborate pranks. As Alaska's story unfolds, the depth of her unhappiness becomes obvious.

Ponyboy and the Greasers Gang from The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton all smoked Cigarettes. The novel itself is a coming of age novel published in 1967.


Don't forget about the power of three!!!

As part of the A-Z Challenge, we at Moxie Writers have decided to use the power of three, linking Moxie Writers with our author sites. So what does that look like?

Moxie Writers will briefly address YA causes or tough issues facing teens and organizations that aid in the cause/issue.

At Rebecca’s site, she will share characters from books that centers around the cause/tough issue.

At Susan’s site, she will share a song with some lyrics that pertains to the cause/tough issue.

sources: http://teens.drugabuse.gov, http://www.projectknow.com/
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