Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B- Bullying and Characters in YA Books


Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere, any age, and statistics are showing that bullying is an increasing issue.

More than 1 in 4 teens are bullied, and over 160,000 youth stay home each day due to fear of being bullied at school.

Here are some characters from books that center around the issue of bullying...

Noelle from Outcast by Susan Oloier dreams of a different life, one where Trina Brockwell doesn’t exist. Trina has bullied Noelle since junior high. Now she’s tired of it. With the help of her black-sheep aunt and a defiant new classmate, Noelle seeks revenge. But vengeance comes with a price: Noelle risks friendship, her first love, and herself to get back at those who have wronged her.

Lil from Playing Nice by Rebekah Crane is different and has many secrets that make her a target for gossiping and online bullying. But Marty sees something special in Lil. Something honest, something real.

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